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Steamhead Skull: Miniature(Alchemy Gothic)

Steamhead Skull: Miniature(Alchemy Gothic)

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This miniature model forms part of the sought after high quality resin collection by Alchemy. Each miniature is lovingly made and painted by hand with intricate detail. Making them the perfect gift for a loved one or a talisman to treasure!

A steampunk skull with bronze and silver gear decorations

Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 3.9cm (1.54") W: 3.3cm (1.30") D: 4.2cm (1.65") Weight: 22g (0.78oz)

Designed and sculpted in England and manufactured and hand painted in China.

All homewares and gifts have been checked for breakages and therefore the packaging may have been opened and resealed. All breakable items will be securely packed and breakages must be advised on receipt.



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