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Satanic Sigil Occult Earrings

Satanic Sigil Occult Earrings

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Sigil Style
Bead Colour

A pair of occult symbol earrings.

A silver toned metal charm is suspended from a sparkling rondelle bead and hangs from a silver coloured earring hook.

Available in the following options:

Bead Colours:

  • Black
  • Montana Grey
  • Opalite
  • Purple
  • Red


  • Sigil of Brimstone (a curling infinity sign with a double cross above, also known as the sulfur cross)
  • Double Sigil of Brimstone (a smaller double version of the standard sigil)
  • Sigil of Lucifer (the sign of Lucifer, commonly used in Satanism)
  • Hexagram (the 6 pointed star)
  • Inverted pentagram (the 5 elements, reversed)
  • Astrological Sigil of Lilith (A crescent moon above a cross, feminine energy and empowerment)

The earrings vary in length depending on charm choice:
Sigil of Brimstone: Earring length is 6.3cm, the charm measures 3.1cm by 2.4cm
Double Sigil of Brimstone: Earring length is 5.8cm, the charm measures 2.8cm by 2.4cm
Sigil of Lucifer: Earring length is 5.7cm, the charm measures 2cm by 1.4cm.
Hexagram: Earring length is 5.5cm, the charm measures 2.1cm by 2.7cm
Inverted pentagram: Earring length is 5.8cm, the charm measures 2.8cm by 2.6cm
Astrological Sigil of Lilith: Earring length is 5.8cm, the charm measures 2.8cm by 1.1cm

One pair supplied. Pictures show Sigil of Brimstone with a red bead, Double Sigil of Brimstone with a black bead, Sigil of Lucifer with a black bead, Hexagram with a purple bead, Inverted Pentagram with a montana grey bead and Sigil of Lilith with an opalite bead.

All handmade in a smoke free home.
Due to the handmade nature and the availability of supplies, any jewellery may vary slightly in tone. All metals are metal alloy and are zinc, lead and nickel free.

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